CognitiveOS Hypnosis is a rapidly effective form of psychological hypnotherapy based on direct communication with the cognitive operating system - the link between the mind, the spirit and the body.

Founded and developed by Luca Bosurgi who has been practicing and researching clinical hypnosis for over 20 years, CognitiveOS Hypnosis has a 98% success rate for permanently clearing past psychological traumas, overcoming mental obstacles, eliminating anxiety, fears and depression, rebuilding self confidence and identity, breaking through self-destructive and limiting patterns and enhancing personal and relationship skills.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis combines state of the art clinical hypnotherapy with ancient meditation techniques originating from Buddhist monks and Native American shamans. This unique approach repositions the spirit over the mind and body which results in psychological healing and empowerment. The client becomes the master of their own life and moves forward with confidence, competence and an open heart and mind.