About Caryn Miller Katz

Caryn Miller Katz, DCOSH, MHHN, is a certified CognitiveOS Hypnotherapist and an accredited member of the HunabKu Healer’s Association.

Caryn was halfway through a Master’s in Clinical Psychotherapy program when she met Luca Bosurgi. Feeling disenchanted with the process and success rate for clients undergoing traditional long term therapy, Caryn sought a more effective platform of combining different treatment therapies. Her search led her to Luca Bosurgi and the CognitiveOS Hypnosis Institute, where Caryn found a way to combine psychology, hypnotherapy and spirituality to create transformational breakthroughs for patients in a short period of time.
Caryn immediately began studying directly with Luca to become a COSH therapist and is a writer and editor of the Cosh certification course manual.

After years of studying different disciplines including Iyengar yoga teacher training, she is profoundly grateful to be able to effectively continue her journey in helping people live their lives with joy, an open heart and empowerment. Her two children and husband have also been masterful teachers for her as she has made her way through marriage, parenthood and two retail businesses.

Caryn Miller Katz and her familiy

Caryn lives in Manhattan Beach, CA